Kelly is a girls’ girl. She knows that every woman’s success belongs to all women. Her heart is huge. Her talent is brave and most importantly she’s hot.
-Vanessa Marcil








I feel so lucky to have Kelly as a friend. There is no one as down to earth, supportive, and inspiring as this kick ass woman. And she has a great rack too.    
-Asmeret Ghebremichael








I guess one would consider me a health professional, but I have to be honest, my incredible friend Kelly Sullivan is the one who inspires me with her expansive knowledge of EVERYTHING health and wellness and living the best life possible from the inside out! I strive for just a fraction of her wisdom. She truly is my health and wellness inspiration and guru! She teaches me and I listen!
-Tracy Jai Edwards






Kelly became family to me from the very first time we ran lines together. I’ve never known a more gifted listener, a braver artist, a kinder human or more contagious smiler. I always knew she had my back when we were cast mates and her generosity as an actress never failed to push me to the top of my game. Also, she convinced me to get naked and stand in a freezer with her for 10 minutes.
-Lisa Locicero






Kelly is the Real Deal. Her beauty and honesty is apparent from the first second you meet her. Women like her are unfortunately rare…I’m just lucky that I can call her my friend.
-Michelle Stafford






Kelly’s flawless face, disgustingly perfect body and her nauseatingly infectious personality are why I chose to be friends with her
-Nance Lee Grahn







I feel very fortunate to work with Kelly and have her attention and guidance. She is a genius. She understands the crossroads of body, mind, and spirit. My body feels more alert and ready to take on the day!
-Kate Pazakis







To know Kelly is to love her! Not only is she one of the kindest, most beautiful people I know, she’s also fiercely loyal and nurturing. She’s competitive, mostly with herself, and she inspires me with her passion for health and challenges me to live every day truly and authentically. Plus, she make a mean omelette.
-Laura Thomas






Kelly has killed my bank account but I can say I have the best juicer, the best blender, the best ingredients in my kitchen and I feel better every day. Most importantly, I am a stronger person because of her. She is the ultimate girlfriend: incredibly insightful, go-to for all things wellness, and has an infectious personality that is special to be around. I consider myself lucky to have her in my life and call her one of my best friends.
-Jillian Fouts







Kelly is the kind of girls’ girl, anybody would want in their life. Her love and warmth are infectious.
-Tracy Weiler