Who’s Kelly, and why is she qualified to share information on health and wellness?

Kelly is an IIN certified health coach, certified pilates instructor, personal trainer,  yogi, running coach, wellness advocate, therapy dog handler, animal rights activist, advocate of women’s rights, and champion of female empowerment.

She is dedicated to helping women live their best life and have fun doing it. Her passion is you.

What is Thatta Gurl?

Thatta Gurl is a community created for women to feel supported and inspired to make the most out of every day. And to pay it forward.

We strive to provide you with useful health and wellness information, and help you find your most successful path to living happily and peacefully.

Thatta Gurl is all about love and sisterhood. We embrace you and empower you to be a champion for other women who are searching for answers.

Are there health and wellness references Thatta Gurl recommends?

There are many books, movies, and other resources we love and have used for information and inspiration.

Check out our Thatta Gurl Resource Guide for our top picks.

How do I contact you with a product or service I want to feature on Thatta Gurl?

If you are an established business owner or a health and wellness specialist, you are in luck!

We would love to speak with you about featuring your product or service on Thatta Gurl. We invite your wisdom and contribution.

Please email for questions and inquiries.

I’m a health and wellness ninja. Can I contribute to your blog?

Yes! We welcome guest bloggers!

Please email with specific details about who you are, your background and experience, and what you would like to contribute.

What diet does Kelly recommend?

The word diet comes from the Greek Diaita “a way of life, mode of living.”

At Thatta Gurl, we believe that food is medicine.
There is no one way of eating. One person’s food is another person’s poison.
Your body will tell you everything you need to know.

We encourage an organic plant based diet and recommend that food be natural, fresh, and unprocessed.

Our Thatta Gurl library is full of books and references that we are happy to share with you!

Check out our Thatta Gurl Resource Guide for our favorite picks.

What health and wellness products does Kelly recommend?

Please visit our Thatta Gurl Resource Guide for all of our product recommendations.

I’m ready begin my health transformation. How do I start?

Congratulations! The hardest part of any transformation is the first step; committing to the journey.

Visit our Thatta Gurl Resource Guide for our recommended references, and stay in touch with us here, as we are committed to bringing you weekly articles, tips, and recipes to help guide you to your wellness goals.

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Keep an open mind and heart.

Have faith that you were born with all the tools you will ever need to live your best life.

How do I keep track of Thatta Gurl events?

When you sign up for our Thatta Gurl Newsletter you will become an honorary member of our Thatta Gurl community and have VIP access to all of our events and giveaways.

We also announce information of our events and giveaways on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Our goal is to spread our reach as far as it will possibly go. And we hope that you join us!

I have a media opportunity. Can I interview you?

If you’d like to interview Kelly for your magazine, newspaper, radio show or tv show, please email all the details to

Will Kelly speak at my event?

Please send the details of your request to

Is there Thatta Gurl merchandise?

Yes! Please visit our Boutique for all of our Thatta Gurl Merchandise.