Have you met Flora?


Gut flora is essential to our survival.

There is bacteria living inside our digestive system, and Miss Flora keeps it in check.  Go Flora go!

If you took the digestive tract of an adult and laid it on the ground, it would cover a tennis court! Whaa?

It’s a huge area, open to invasion to anything from the environment.

But no fear, mother nature knew this and she helped a sister out.  She protected your digestive tract by covering every square millimeter of it with a thick band of bacteria: this is your gut flora.  #MotherNatureIsNailingIt

These beneficial microbes produce every antibiotic under the sun, every antifungal substance, every anti viral substance. They are the first ninja warrior. #Grasshopper




It’s Grand Central Station in your tummy.

90% of all cells and all genetic material in the human body is from Flora. Wowzers!  

The rest of us is a real estate agent, providing a place for these microbes to live inside us.

Flora plays a crucial role in every function in our bodies. Strangely so, these cells only live a few days.  These cells are constantly born and shut off and at the same time, the food that comes down the hatch is digested and metabolized by this gut flora into certain nutritional substances.

In order for the gut lining to give birth to all the millions of new baby cells to replace the dying out ones, they need dense protection: Good nutrition! Good quality fats, proteins, and fiber.

Well, you’re in luck sister, because that’s what a healthy Flora provides. She not only looks after the whole cell regeneration process in your gut lining, she makes sure that your cells are born healthy and she feeds them and looks after them properly.  What a gal! 

 Flora’s Friends: The Good The Bad and The Ugly:


1. The Beneficial Microbes: The Goody Two-Shoes

  • The dominating group in a healthy person

2. The Opportunist Microbes: The Mean Girls           

  • Hundreds of thousands of various bacteria, viruses, worms, parasites,  fungi, protozoa, etc.
  • On their own, they are capable of causing disease. Not to worry! As long as they are controlled (as long as the good ones are dominating in the gut), they control the opportunist microbes and don’t allow them to do any harm.  #SorryNotSorry.
  • The beneficial microbes will employ them in producing some useful substances for us and doing some good for the body. 

3. The Transitional Microbes: The Loners  

  • We swallow them in our food and drink on a daily basis and they travel through us without settling down in the gut. #HitTheRoadJack

 There is a connection between the functioning of the digestive system and the functioning of the rest of the body.

Flora makes sure certain nutrients are synthesized. Your body tells her what it needs at any time of the day.

“Hey Flora! I need more Vitamin B12!”  Flora says, “No problem!” and releases the appropriate amount of B12 into the blood stream. It’s quite simple.

When Miss Flora is abnormal and damaged and her beneficial microbes don’t have her back, the cell regeneration in the lining goes awry. It mutates and can turn cancerous.

The whole process of digestion and absorption goes wrong. The body as a whole develops multiple nutritional deficiencies because it can’t break down or absorb food properly. The whole process depends on how well your gut flora is looking after parasites and how well it looks after the cell regeneration process.

Flora performs many functions in our bodies. #Multitasker

Toxic Avenger:


Gut flora is a major player in absorbing and neutralizing toxins. Many toxins are produced as a bi-product of the digestive process. We swallow many toxic substances with our food and drink and Flora absorbs and neutralizes them. If she can’t, she’ll grab onto them like a spiker monkey and not let go until she sends them out of the body through your poop shoot.

FYI: Stool is largely bacteria, largely dying out flora from your gut. #PoopFacts

Cancer can’t exist in the digestive tract unless the gut flora was damaged prior to the development of cancer. Healthy Flora would never allow a cancerous process to exist in the digestive tract because she will always remove all the carcinogenic substances and  make sure the gut lining is healthy. #ILoveFlora

Flora and the Immune System

Flora communicates with the immune system: She nourishes and balances it. A whopping 85% of of all immune systems in humans is located in our gut walls!   I know, right?! 

Flora oversees immune system regulation which in turn makes our digestive system the most important immune organ in our bodies.

So basically, when Flora gets imbalanced, the immune system is unbalanced. Allergies are directly related to gut flora imbalance. Any person who struggles with allergies should  first look at healing their digestive system.

Flora and Auto Immune Diseases:

When Flora is abnormal, we start to deal with auto immunity. What happens with auto immunity?

The proteins inside our own bodies are similar in their structure to proteins in food and other things in the environment. Because all life on the planet evolved at the same time and from a single source at the same time,  we all have similar proteins inside us.

When Flora isn’t doing so well, gut lining is damaged. It becomes porous and there are literally holes in it (i.e. Leaky Gut Syndrome).  The proteins that you eat in food enter your digestive tract and are not properly digested before they are absorbed through that damaged gut lining. Jail break!

This isn’t so hot because when the immune system finds them in the blood stream and doesn’t recognize them, it says “Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re not food.”  And it attacks them. Boom! Immune System-1: Proteins-0.  Then it sends a roller derby team of antibodies to skate around the body and look for similar kinds of proteins inside your tissue and dominates. And as a result, the person develops auto immune conditions.


  • Joint conditions: Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, etc
  • Nervous system conditions: Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, etc.
  • Skin conditions: Psoriasis, skin rashes, pimples, eczema, etc.
  • All inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract: Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Celiac disease, etc.

And the list goes on and on my friends. There are 200 auto immune conditions, and the list is growing all the time.

All autoimmunity conditions are born in the gut!

Autoimmunity is a digestive disorder and that is where the treatment has to begin. Start with helping Flora first, and she’ll tag team with your immune system in getting you healthy.

Flora and Antibiotics:

We live in a world where it is difficult to keep Flora healthy and intact. We are exposed to antibiotics and various medications. Any pharmaceutical medications that are prescribed on a chronic long term basis will alter the composition of Flora and will start an imbalance. This is when the mean girls come to the party and kicks the beneficial crowd out.  Who invited these chicks?

These gnarly pathogens take over, digest the food in their own way, and convert it into 100’s of toxic substances.  These substances are absorbed through the damaged gut lining, into the blood stream, get distributed around the body, and wherever they get to, they cause problems. #PainInTheGut.

If they get into the brain, they will start  either learning disabilities or mental disorders. Starting with forgetfulness, depression, perhaps an inability to focus, and finishing with severe conditions like autism, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.


Antibiotics are bad news bears. They are the #1 cause of gut imbalance. Every course of antibiotics wipes our the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Not cool!  It takes about 2 weeks to 2 months for the gut to recover, and this leaves a window of opportunity for pathogens who are resistant to the antibiotics. A changing of the guard!

Once the pathogens are established in the gut, it’s difficult to drive them out. The beneficial microbes have a fight on their hands. And like Russell Crowe in The Gladiator, sometimes even the best fighters lose. #PoorMaximus

Here’s the problem: With every course of antibiotics, Flora becomes more and more damaged until the pathogens take the upper hand. And this my friends, is when the person starts displaying symptoms. Every course of antibiotics will be killing mitochondria. So, expect to be fatigued, tired all the time and unable to produce energy.

Unhealthy Flora and the Urinary Tract

A lot of toxins leave your body through urine. When toxic urine is leaving your body, it damages your kidneys. When it accumulates in your bladder, it burns the lining of the bladder and starts a chronic inflammatory process. When you urinate it burns and causes problems. This is a cause of bed wetting and yeast infections. #PeeFacts


probiotics-in-guys-stomachHow do we deal with these conditions?

We have to focus on the health of the digestive tract. We have to clear out the flora and we have to heal and seal the gut lining. We start repairing Miss Flora and the gut lining.

Our digestive system is a long tube. What you fill that tube with has a direct effect on its well being. What we eat is the #1 most important and powerful treatment for every chronic disease.

How can diet and lifestyle help us?

Remove all the foods that are difficult to digest.  In order for the gut to heal, you have to reduce it’s work load. You have to feed it only foods that will soothe it and allow the healthy parasites to start growing, and start replacing the sick parasites.  

Probiotics, fermented foods, raw vegetables,  dairy products, vegetable and fruit juices, ginger, mint, chamomile tea, and unprocessed honey are all  extremely effective.

Epsom salt baths, cider vinegar baths, sun bathing, and using plants to reduce toxic air in your home are also recommended.

Eventually food allergies and food intolerances will disappear if you focus on healing the gut.


Patch up the holes and leaks in your gut!!

Fun germThis is a lifestyle change sister!

Once you have done it you will have a new lease on life. These “incurable” diseases, are curable because it is your human body that heals you.

The human body has every mechanism for healing and repair. All you have to do is  feed it properly and not bombard it with toxins. So go for it!

Let’s start the healing process.


Do you experience digestive problems? Have you ever considered changing your diet? Leave a comment in the box below and share your story.

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