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Hello Kelly and Thattagurl,
Oh my gosh, loved the (Leafy Greens) video and adored the whoopsies, I needed that today.  Laughed out loud!  :-)
I have put leafy greens on my shopping list for today.  Mission accomplished 
Thank you so much!
Take care,



I look forward to all the wonderful things your website will do for people.
You are a blessing Kelly!

Hi Kelly
 How refreshing to come across your new Thatta Gurl site and read honest, helpful information.  It is so difficult these days to juggle career, family, friendships and take care of yourself too!  
I applaud you for putting this information together and doing so in a manner that touches everyone.  You’re the type of friend everyone wants to have and know they can through your website.
I will be checking in frequently and utilizing this information to keep myself on track to hit my personal goals.
All the best to you Kelly.
Mary Kay

 …I absolutely love the idea. Women empowering one another rather than putting one another down. It’s inspiring and  empowering and amazing. I’m slowly but surely learning I am enough. I am good enough.

I’m a huge coconut fan! I clean my make up with it I cook with it I use it as a lotion and sunscreen I put it in things like yogurt!! It’s amazing! I even have a book about it! Slightly obsessed!!  

I’m ready to try some coconut oil! I am looking forward to all the benefits!
Really loving your web site, the videos, and the recipes! Great job! Thanks.



Thanks sooo much for this post about positive affirmations.  It’s exactly what I need right now.  After recent events I’m battling panic attacks and anxiety issues and positive self-talk is really helpful to fight that side of the brain that kicks in the fear fact.  I am strong, I am confident, I will be positive and have inner peace.  Stay Calm…..and Rock on!!!