Thatta Gurl December Giveaway! – Ninja Professional Blender

Hey friends!

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s the time we all start thinking about food, glorious food!

I’m crazy about my blender, so I decided to giveaway a Ninja Professional Blender and Single Serve for one lucky, kick ass person.

How about fast & healthy smoothies?  Delicious salad dressings?  Purees?  Dips?  Salsas?  Soups?


And the best part is: IT’S FREE!!

And hey, if you don’t need it, Re-gift that s**t!

Enter your name and email below, and boom! You’re in the drawing.

I’ll pick the random lucky winner on Tuesday December 2nd!

AND we’ll announce it on our Thatta Gurl Facebook Page. 

(Be sure to like our FB page so we can keep you posted on the winner!)





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  1. Hi Kelly hope to meet you again one day ! We met in Orland o 2 yrs ago at the Fall event! You and Jen Lilly:) I just love Thatta Girl! You rock!

  2. Mr. Jim would beam if he received this Christmas morning! No more kale smoothies with big chunks in them!! Love what you are doing, Miss Kel!
    Just Val…

  3. This would be perfect to help my dad get some veggies in his diet. He lost his teeth from diabetes and cannot chew that well. Love thie giveaways! Kelly, you rock!

      • Hey Sabrina! You rock sister! Thank you for sharing and for saying hi!
        Veggie juices are awesome and I bet your dad would find some recipes he’d really like!
        Check out our Freebies page, we got a cool Juice and Smoothie guide.