Women Who Kick Ass – Tracy Jai Edwards

In this episode of Thatta Gurl TV: Women Who Kick Ass, I had the pleasure of sitting down with fitness diva, Tracy Jai Edwards.

She shares the story of her incredible health transformation; from overweight to a world ranking fitness competitor and celebrity trainer.

She talks about her early dancing career, struggling with failed diets and weight loss, finding a new passion, and her big “A-ha” moment that changed her perception of perfection.











Tracy’s story is inspiring and I’m excited to share it with you!



After the interview, I asked her a few more questions:

K: Can you tell us what you eat on an average day?

T: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I always eat a protein, a carb, and a fat. I love having fruit in the morning. My favorite fruits are bananas, apples, or grapefruits. After I teach I have a protein shake.

Blend together:

  • One half cup vegan rice protein powder
  • One cup of frozen berries
  • Three big handfuls of spinach
  • One tbsp flax seeds
  • One cup coconut milk

I have a hearty lunch and a light dinner. Tapering my meals throughout my day helps my digestion.  At every meal, I incorporate leafy greens and vegetables. If I’m leaning up for an event or photo shoot, I eat dinner around 6:30pm, and drink lemon water or tea for the rest of the night.

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K: How do you deal with junk food cravings?  

T: I give in sometimes, I’m human. It’s a mind over matter thing. To deal with cravings, you just have to deal with them. When I feel a big craving coming on, I drink a tall glass of water with a splash of fresh lemon juice and wait 15 minutes. Usually, it goes away.  I have a sweet tooth, and late night junk  food cravings  are the worst!

My go-to snack is:  One half cup frozen berries,  one half cup coconut milk, and a little bit of  stevia.  Mix them together, and you’ve got yourself a healthy and delicious snack.

There is no magical way to stop cravings. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself moments to cheat.



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