Women Who Kick Ass – Fatima Lowe-Williams

What do Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Britney Spears and Usher have in common?  Poop.

This episode of Women Who Kick Ass is all about poop.  You heard it right, poop.

Our special guest is a Celebrity PooRu and Self-Proclaimed Poop Enthusiast, Fatima Lowe-Williams.

Fatima is the founder of Holistic Life, Los Angeles’ premier gravity colon hygiene, digestive wellness and nutrition coaching boutique.


She’s appeared in various national publications and best selling books, as well as on Oprah’s OWN network. Get it gurl!

I was introduced to Fatima through a friend and had my first Colon Lavage. Sounds kinda fancy doesn’t it? Well, not so much fancy as AWESOME. It was an incredible experience and I felt like a new person afterwards!

What is Colon Lavage, you might ask? It’s a safe non-invasive internal bath. It bathes the full colon and is a great way to relieve the body of old built up waste, toxins and hardened fecal matter. #Plaque #Nasty

Fatima and I talk about all things poop:

  • What’s a proper pooping schedule
  • The Constipation Dragon
  • Ridiculously easy poop health tips
  • The history of colonics
  • To cleanse or not to cleanse

This is a good one, so pull up a chair and have a look!



Fatima and I covered a crap-load of topics and there wasn’t enough time to put them all in the video, but I wanted you to hear this stuff cause it’s gold.

These are a few of my favorite things: #SingItMaria

Delayed Constipation is extremely common. It’s when you sit down and poop but then when you stand up you still feel like you’ve got left-overs. A lot of people suffer from this, and don’t realize it’s a form of constipation.

Don’t hold it in. When you feel like you gotta go, GO!! Another way to get constipated is ignoring your body when it tells you it has to poop. Don’t do that. When you have to go, but choose not to go, you’re training your colon to hold as oppose to the opposite.

“My rule of thumb for healthy pooping is water and an apple every day.”

Incorporating leafy greens into your diet will really help you move things through. Salads, green smoothies, and green juices are great options. I love using spinach in my green smoothies because it doesn’t have a funky taste.

(Check out our Thatta Gurl Free Juice and Smoothie Recipes for some delicious ideas!)

Cleansing should be an ongoing thing. Forget about all those crazy strict cleanses. Beginning every day with a green juice, or smoothie, or just one helping of greens will really make a difference.

“Try having a salad before major meals. That is a better way to go about it as opposed to crash course cleansing.”

“Everybody poops. Everybody has a colon. There’s no shame or humiliation. The more you go, the nicer you’ll probably be.”

“Show the world the best version of yourself instead of a sluggish person that is barely making it without a cup of coffee. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.”


Leave your comments in the box below. I’m interested in your thoughts, as we women don’t really talk about this stuff. And you know what? It’s OK to talk about it.

Constipation and poor digestive health are big problems with even bigger health risks. We don’t want that. There are ways to correct it.

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