Women Who Kick Ass – Rosemary Rossi

Ever wondered what the heck your dreams are about? What do they mean?

Ever have the same dream over and over again?

Ever wake up and remember every detail of your dream, but at other times you can’t remember a damn thing?

I interviewed a Rosemary Rossi, a Dream Analyzer for a juicy chat about what the heck it all means!

Meet Rosemary Rossi: Kick ass Soaps in Depth magazine editor by day, Ninja dream analyzer by night. 

She has been analyzing dreams for many years and has a real knack for interpreting what they mean.

Here is our interview, it’s a good one!

Rosemary is brilliant, her website is rosemaryrossi.net.

If you’re in need of dream guidance, she’s your gal.



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  1. I have a recurring nightmare about tornadoes. Every once in awhile ill have nightmares about it. And yes they scare me.