Women Who Kick Ass – Tiffany Russo

This episode of Women Who Kick Ass, features yoga teacher and health and wellness goddess, Tiffany Russo.

Tiffany has been involved with the Los Angeles yoga community for over 10 years and is a master teacher at the distinguished Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA.

She’s the real deal y’all.


Tiffany completed her 500 SmartFlow teacher training certification under the guide of her teacher and mentor, Annie Carpenter

She also assists in the SmartFLOW teacher trainings, in Los Angeles and all over the country.

  • Smart: Structurally sound, longer holds for strength, clear and specific instructions, steady elegant breathing.                              
  • FLOW: Juicy flowing sequences, heat-building krama, sensation-driven focus, grace and flexibility.

So basically this means Tiffany is a Yoga Ninja, an expert in her field, and I couldn’t WAIT to interview her.

In our interview, we talk about why Yoga is a way of life, and why it’s suited for everyone.  No yogi left behind!

If you’ve never tried yoga, you’ll want to after this watching this video!

Tiffany created a social movement called The Other 7 Limbs.  It creates conversation for other ways to find yoga that doesn’t have to be on the mat. 

Follow her on Instagram: @TheOther7Limbs

Thanks Tiffany, you are a rockstar and you definitely kick ass.

Do you have any yogi wisdom?  Leave us comments below. 

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