You Are Enough

Affirmation: emotional support or encouragement.

Last week I went to an inspiring workshop given a really cool dude. I loved it because of what he said about the power of thoughts and intentions.

He talked about how people get in their own way by simply listening to negative thoughts, and how opportunities are lost because of self doubt. How true that is! 

I’ve been practicing affirmations for many years, but he gave me a refresher course on why they are so very important. 

If I’m speaking Greek to you, keep reading! You are gonna love this!

He defined two polarities:

The ego voice and the true voice, and how they offer two very different frames of mind.

  • The ego voice, which is fear based 
  • The true voice, which is based in love.

 “People go around just letting their brain think whatever it likes. They don’t question the thoughts in their head. To them, the thoughts are there, and therefore must be the truth.

But the truth is that we put the thoughts there.

We’ve been making the choice to think from our ego for so long that it has become a habit, something we do without even thinking. Therefore, it seems to be the only voice.”  – Jack Plotnick


I couldn’t help but think about how this applied to my life.

I have an ego voice in my head that speaks throughout the day; sometimes more, sometimes less.

She tells me I’m not good enough, I can’t do something, or I don’t have enough of something.

She’s critical, judgmental, and impatient.

When I don’t consciously make an effort to talk back to that voice, I become overwhelmed by her and she can take over.

Affirmations really work. If I’m upset or stressed out, I repeat them to myself over and over again until I feel my energy change. 

I have a bunch of them and I wanna share them with you. You can always make up your own, but these are a good starting point.

I have incredible things to offer the world.
I am worthy of love and respect.
I deserve to be here.
The answers will come exactly when I need them.
I release and destroy my need to be in control of this situation.
I’m not nervous, I’m excited.
I release and destroy my need to fit in.
I release and destroy my need to be liked.
I release and destroy my need to be perfect.

The affirmations you practice will be as powerful as you want them to be.

The more you use them, the more impactful they will be. They really work!

Having trouble sleeping? Try this one: Right here, right now, I’m exactly where I need to be.

Put ’em on post-its and stick ’em to your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your computer screen, wherever you need inspiration.

I have a journal on my night stand and I read them aloud every night before bed. 

Respect them, for they are the truth, and they will change your life.

The only things we can control in our life are our thoughts.

The negative thoughts will always be there but it’s how you react to those fearful thoughts that will dictate how you experience your life.

Experience your life with love and courage. Be Bold. Be Brave. 

You are infinitely special. I’m honored that you are here.


Do you have affirmations that work for you? We’d love to know!

Tell us what they are in the box below.

If you’re new to affirmations, try them for a week and check in with yourself. Have you noticed positive changes? 

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  1. I definitely need this in my life! I love both the post it notes and journal idea. I have quotes hanging up in my cubicle at work. But it’s time for a change there. I have a habit of not reading them, because they’ve been there for so long and I ‘forget’, even though they are right in front of me. Those negative thoughts always have a habit of sneaking in at the wrong time. But I need them gone. Big changes are happening when vacation is over and I don’t have time for them anymore. Thanks for this, Kelly <3


    • Big changes are exciting! Negative thoughts can creep in, but we can turn them down and replace them with positivity!
      Thank you for your comment sweetness,


  2. Hey Kelly one of the affirmations I live by is ” I always trust myself to make the best decisions for me” The other one I use most frequently is “I deserve to be here” I seem to be using that one a lot lately. This is so great thanks for caring and sharing!

  3. Thanks sooo much for this post about positive affirmations. It’s exactly what I need right now. After recent events I’m battling panic attacks and anxiety issues and positive self-talk is really helpful to fight that side of the brain that kicks in the fear fact. I am strong, I am confident, I will be positive and have inner peace. Stay Calm…..and Rock on!!!

  4. Hi! Thank you much this actually makes a difference to me and my life. I’m to good about the positive thoughts sometime but thanks to you I feel encouraged enough to try it! Thank you!
    By the way you are my favorite actress!